Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Porta Potty" kit

- 5 gallon bucket with carry handle
- Seat with lid (can be purchased at Emergency Essentials or Ace Hardware)
- Lots of heavy duty plastic bags to line bucket
- 7-8 rolls of toilet paper (remove the cardboard center and wrap individually in plastic wrap or in a ziplock bag
- Hand wipes
- 1 liter bottle of cat litter (kitty litter absords the droppings and keeps the smell down)
- 1 roll of paper towels
- A pack of enzyme 300 deodorizer (optional)
- Bottle of spray disinfectant (optional)

All of these things should fit in the bucket so it is convenient to carry.  Additional things can be added as needs and room allows (additional sanitation options, sanitary supplies for women, etc.)

*Emergency Essentials also offers a "starter kit" which includes the bucket, seat and 2 enzyme packs.

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