Friday, February 12, 2010


Westpoint City and Clearfield City have CERT classes beginning March 2nd.

Westpoints cost is $25.00, register at the city building. This is a 5 session class, Tuesday, Thursday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 

Clearfields cost is $47.00, register at the city building by February 19th.  This class is 6-7 classes and is held each Tuesday evening at 6:30.

In comparing what I know of the two (my parents attended Wespoint's and I attended Clearfield's), the same information is covered at both.  I believe there was more hands on training with Clearfield and we received more supplies, etc. for our backpacks, but I think both classes are great.  At both classes you will receive a backpack, vest and hardhat.

Truly I don't think it matters which one you go to - just GO. 

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