Thursday, March 4, 2010


I think most of us would readily agree that babies have special needs.  Your baby's 72 hour kit should "look" different from the rest, below is a list of suggestions/additions to assist with rounding out the supplies for your baby's 72 hour kit.
 - Diapers
 - Wipes
 - Formula
 - Baby Food
 - Snacks
 - Pacifer
 - Bottle
 - Blanket
 - Medicine appropriate for baby/toddler
 - Comfort item (rattle, doll, favorite toy, etc.)

It is important to add a little diaper bag to our 72 hours kits, but I think it is also helpful to add a little 72 hour kit to our diaper bag.  Keep your diaper bag stocked and next to the crib or front door.  In addition to the "regular" diaper bag items, consider adding a flashlight, bottle of water, granola bars/energy bars, whistle, mylar blanket, family plan and a few first aid items.

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