Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Today I am thankful that I still have time to prepare. I know that food storage and preparedness stuff can get pretty overwhelming. I have a hard time figuring out dinner for tonight, let alone planning dinner for 6 months from now. But, I know that if I do something everyday, week, two weeks, month - to get prepared I will be better off than before. Start today preparing for tomorrow - you never know what tomorrow will bring.

One year ago I was thinking my husband needed to get a better paying job because I felt like we just weren't making it - things were too tight. If I only knew that in a few short weeks he would lose that job and things would get much, much tighter.

Start TODAY! Don't wait. Tonight/tomorrow when you run to the grocery store to buy a few last minute things in preparation for Thanksgiving - toss in an extra bag of flour, or a can of salt, another gallon of oil can always help, just do something. Then when you are laying in bed tonight running over the events of the day you can feel at peace that you started today - instead of justifying why you haven't.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that we all remember to thank those around us who make our lives great and love hard on the ones we sometimes take for granted. I am thankful I am preparing today.

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