Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One year

Basic One Year Supply of Food:

300 lbs. Grain
60 lbs. Legumes
20 lbs. Fats/Oils
60.5 lbs. Sugars
52 - 106 lbs. Milk (based on 3 cups per day) - If you decrease your Milk, increase your Grain
8 lbs. Salt

This is just the BASICS. After WWII they found records from the second largest concentration camp, those records showed they stored 375 lbs. of grain per year per prisoner. That equated out to a 2"x5" piece of bread a DAY (Think about a 3x5 photo - not very big). They were given that much bread and a bowl of potato soup each day. Have you seen pictures of those poor souls? They were completely emancipated - you will ALWAYS be hungry if you only have the basics.

This is not to overwhelm you, because SOME is ALWAYS better than NONE, but so you are mindful. We can always do more.

(I wasn't able to track down the person/ward who took this picture - but the credit and idea goes to them - THANKS)

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