Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Let's just get this out of the way shall we... What is up with the name of this blog?

Answer: My husband, Harley, has for as long as we've been married teased me about my food storage and the "Zombie Apocalypse" (as he would put it). Yet, I have continued to buy extra and try to get prepared for "just in case" as much as possible. He has learned over the years that this "just in case" attitude is pretty awesome.

Examples: Harley - Honey I just finished ______(fill in with food items, toothpaste, etc.), do we have any more? Amber - Of course, here.
Harley - I wish I had some _________(cookies, cereal, etc.). Amber - I'm pretty sure there is some in the basement or pantry.

Because he continues to tease me (even though he benefits) I have decided to make him sing my praises everytime I come to the rescue. So, when we are out somewhere and he has a headache and wants the Aleve, I make him say "You are the coolest most prepared woman I know." Or when the kids need something and I magically have it, when I can run downstairs in the middle of cooking dinner instead of going to the store - Harley says "You are the coolest most prepared woman I know."

Truthfully, I am not, I am SO FAR from it, but preparedness is near and dear to my heart so here goes!

(Disclaimer: I am not an expert, heck I'm not even that smart, but here you will find things I've read, learned, tried, etc. in regards to Preparedness. I am not perfect! I am just one girl talking about something I feel passionate about - Period.)

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